Guide to Campus Group Tours in New York City with RVP Charter Bus

Some of the top colleges of US are located in the New York City and thus it becomes quite difficult for new students for settling down and choosing their new home. Campus tours thus become important part in the family life. Here, you can travel in a large group and let the students explore the correct school for them. The charter buses from RVP Tours are a reliable way to travel and explore all the campuses in the city.

Columbia University Tour with RVP Charter Bus

Is your child’s heart set on the Ivy League track? Does he wish to study at the Columbia University? Well, Columbia University is the oldest private research university in New York. This place provides campus tours, class visits and informative sessions for new-comers. You need reservations for campus group tours and sessions.

The main campus of the university is situated in Upper Manhattan. Buses are not allowed on the campus but your group can enter the university from either of the university entrances. Your tour begins at the Visitor Center of the Low Memorial Library. The university does not have a parking space for campus tours and you will need to find your own parking. But, if you travel with RVP Tours then you will not have to worry about parking at all.

Barnard College Tour with RVP Charter Bus

If your girls are interested in studying liberal arts and sciences, then they must visit the Barnard College. It is an all women college in NYC and was founded in the year 1889. This college is monumental to the history of women’s rights in US. Barnard College is affiliated to Columbia University and is also located in Upper Manhattan.

You can schedule a tour with the college and they are held all-round the year on weekdays. You need to check for reservations before visiting the campus. If you are traveling in a large group, then you would need to fill in the Group Tour Request Form. Your tour will begin at the Visitor Center in Sulzberger Annex.

This college does not provide parking space for campus tours but with the charter buses you will enjoy each moment as you will be safely picked up and dropped from a single point and there will be no delay.

The Juilliard School Tour with RVP Charter Bus

If you have any aspiring artists in your family then you can take them to the world’s leading music and dance school, The Julliard School. You have campus tours to this school all year round. But, prior reservations must be made for it. It is to be noted that the school provides the campus tour for three students at a time, therefore if you have a large group then you would need special permission.

This place is located at the Lincoln Center. Parking in Manhattan can be quite a task because vehicle owners are responsible for their parking and there are tons on parking lot around. It is a better idea to charter a bus service from RVP Tours and leave the traveling responsibility to us. If you have a small student group, then 18 passenger mini-bus is your best bet.

New York University Tour with RVP Charter Bus

NYU or New York University is the most popular of the lot and there will be many aspiring students around too. This university has diverse array of programs for the students like management, business, social sciences, arts, marketing and much more. The group tours have to be arranged three weeks prior with 15 or more students. When you charter a bus from RVP Tours the driver will navigate easily through the busy roads and leave you at the Welcome Center.

Pace University Tour with RVP Charter Bus

Students planning a visit to Pace University need to book the campus tour a month in advance. The group size can be 30 people maximum and since there is a high demand for group tours it is recommended that only the 11th and 12th graders visit the campus. There are two campuses in the city and you can visit any. It is recommended to take the charter buses for this tour because parking in New York can be tricky, your bus driver will pick-up and drop you effortlessly.

A child’s future depends upon the choice of career and school. As a parent it is recommended that you help your child build a perfect future. With RVP Tours you will enjoy the campus tour with your child and not forget it in your lifetime. If you want to plan then you can get a free quote through a phone call.

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