Charter a Bus to Disneyland Park with RVP TOURS

The Disneyland Park is a walk back in time and is an attraction loved by all ages. It is not just about the Sleeping Beauty Castle but about the awe-inspiring architecture built during 1950s. Disneyland is a community in Southern California that has amusement park, scenic beauty and high-end shopping malls.

Disneyland Park has tons on offer from Main Street to the real Adventure land. In case, you are planning to travel, you really need not book the expensive resort stay. You can stay outside the park with your family and still have a whole lot fun!

How to reach the Disneyland Park

The Disneyland Park is a maze and traveling with your family can be a task even with the map. You can charter a bus for your trip rather than paying parking fees, using the public transport, or walking through the crowded areas. If you are traveling during the peak season, then the charter bus is your best bet. The local driver will easily be able to navigate than you searching for places on the map.

How to reach Disneyland from Airport

If you opt for the Disneyland Express then you need to shell out $20 to $ 30 for each ticket. If you have a very large group then you end up paying more than you should. Instead, if you charter a bus with RVP Tours then you end up enjoying your travel within your budget. A charter bus is not only an affordable mode of travel it also gives your group the right privacy that you need.

You will get a luxury bus when you charter with us, that guarantees a safe, best and private ride. Charter buses are the best option for group tours especially if you wish to stay overnight and travel around the place. RVP Tours provides luxurious yet budget options from any airport. You will have games, music and movies on the road trip too!

Where to Stay

It is an attractive option to stay at the Disneyland resort that is located in the Downtown Disney District in Anaheim. This is because all the major attractions are near the resort and it definitely is a whole lot fun. But if you make a reservation in the North or South-East Anaheim you will have a stay in your budget. Also the hotels are attractive too. These budget stays are near other California adventures like Universal Studios, Six Flags, Knott’s Berry Farm, San Diego Zoo and the Sea World. When you charter a bus you can stay at a nice budget hotel and visit the attractions easily. It is a cost effective option.

Without a charter bus, parking your car can be time consuming and you will also have to catch shuttle for the park. Whereas, with a charter bus you will be straight taken to the attraction and will not have to worry about the parking. You can plan your itinerary the way you want to as the bus will run on your time.

If you are staying at Disneyland for a week and booking a charter bus for the same duration, then you will also have to plan booking a hotel room for your driver. If you plan and book early you may get lodging for driver at discounted rates.

Top Attractions

This park was opened during the year 1955 and is divided into 8 theme parks, like Fantasy land, Mickey’s toon town, Tomorrow land, Adventure land, Frontier land, Main Street, Critter Country and New Orleans Square. With a charter bus you can travel at leisure. You can also visit the new attractions like California Adventure Park, Buena Vista Street. Some other attractions are:

  • House of Blues, Anaheim
  • Knott’s Berry Farm
  • Angel Stadium, Anaheim

If you are planning a visit to Disneyland then charter bus service from RVP Tours is your best bet. If you plan early then you can make the most of your trip with the shuttle service. You will get all the luxuries on the road trip like movies, music, overhead bin, extra leg space, comfortable seats and much more. Call our consultants today for a personalized quote!

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