Summer—The Time To Enjoy the Jersey Shore with RVP TOURS

When you work hard all the year round then you deserve an equally rewarding break from work. It is time for vacation and the first thought that crosses your mind is the Jersey Sea Shore! You close your eyes and find yourself surfing, feeling the sun and hear the waves too! This is going to be one vacation where you will not have to worry about car parking, navigating through the streets, worrying about traffic etc.

You can put your feet up and enjoy with friends and family while on board your RVP Tours charter bus.

Reasons to take RVP Charter Bus service to Jersey Shore

If you are planning a group vacation then there are a lot of details that you have to take care of. There will be a lot of addresses that you will have to remember and think about different ways of transportation too. That is where we step in, you can now relax and have fun with your group while we take care of nitty-gritties.

  • Flexibility: no other mode of travel will let you decide where your itinerary, when you will leave, where you need to make a stopover etc. A charter bus can take in even the last minute changes or even book your trip at a short notice.
  • Dependence: you can depend on the charter buses completely. There will only be a delay in the trip if you want it to be, otherwise the trip will run as per your set itinerary. Whereas, this is not the same with other modes of travel. There may be delays, or even cancellations.
  • Safety: the charter buses always have highly trained professional driver always. Additionally, there is only one gate to go on and off the bus. Therefore, you know at all times who comes and goes in the bus.
  • Relaxation: while the bus driver will be busy navigating through the road with the help of GPS, you will be able to relax completely.
  • No Hassle: there are tons of hassle with all the other modes of transport. There are no security checks for a charter bus. You will be on the same bus for the whole trip so there will be no question of losing your luggage too!
  • Ride in Style: the bus is spacious with extra leg room and there are no middle seats. You can move about with ease.
  • It serves many functions: while traveling on the road you can hold parties, meetings and other discussions in the bus. You can also give last minute instructions to your group!

At RVP Tours, we have an extensive experience in providing excellent service to all types of group. If you need a free estimate for the trip to Jersey Shore then you can call in and speak to our travel agents.

Things to do at Jersey Shore

There is literally no end to what you can do on the 140 miles Jersey shoreline. From Perth Amboy to Cape May point given below are some attractions that you would want to visit. They are,

  • Beaches: Jersey is all about beaches and fun. This is a place where you come for some quiet swimming, surfing, sun bathing or other normal beach activities. There will be a lot of play time on the beach, so gear up for volley ball! You can also check in to Seaside Heights, place on the beach where they show movies. You can also visit the aquarium at Point Pleasant Beach. The Museum of New Jersey Maritime History, Long Beach Island is worth your time.
  • Boardwalk: there are many boardwalks in the world but you will never find something like this anywhere. Great food, craft beer, shops, people watching, the smell of ocean will take you to the next level!
  • Food: the culinary experience on the boardwalk is one of the best in the world. Visit the world-famous Salt Water Taffy or try soft shell crab sandwiches, white pizza, hot dogs, funnel cakes and much more.
  • Amusement Park: there are a dozen of amusement parks in New Jersey and many of them are water-theme parks too! You can visit the Steel Pier, Morey’s Pier and Raging Waters, or the Playland’s Castaway Cove.
  • Casino: you can never end your trip without a visit to the casino. There are many options for adults like Hard Rock, Borgata Hotel Casino and Ocean’s Resort.
  • Lighthouse: When in Jersey you must visit the stunning lighthouses. They are a marvel and can be found in Hereford Inlet Lighthouse in North Wildwood and Absecon in Atlantic City.

How to choose a charter bus service

There are a lot of things that you need to consider when booking a charter bus for the trip. The group size, duration of the trip, luggage count, special needs etc. After looking at all of these details we at RVP Tours will plan the best bus service for you. If you have a small group then you would need a mini-bus but if you have a large group then a full size bus is recommended.

The charter buses come with lots of modern amenities like overhead bins, extra leg space, wifi, on-board bathrooms, climate control, DVD Players, audio systems, charging ports etc. Therefore, take time out and plan your trip with us. You can give a call to the travel executives for more information.

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