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There is no count for the number of tourists who visit New York, every year. Such is the beauty of this place! So, it is unsurprising that a tour of this wonderful state is in the list of priorities of your group.

But, in this context, the most pivotal requirement is the presence of a dependable charter bus. Relax! Your quest for a reliable charter bus service in the New York City will end the moment you decide to take the services of RVP Tours.

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RVP Charter Buses for all Requirements

The extensive fleet of RVP includes the entire range starting with 18-seater minibuses and going all the way up to charter buses having a seating capacity of 56. Thus, whatever is your precise need, we have the solution and you won’t be disappointed.

Likewise, RVP provides charter bus services not just for the sightseeing of New York State, but also for corporate events, weddings and field trips, among others.

Buses With all Latest Amenities

The reclining seats in our charter buses assure you of comfortable journey. Additionally, our buses are equipped with DVD players and TV monitors. Are you a person who prefers to be constantly connected? If yes, then you would simply adore our buses. For, excellent Wi-Fi connectivity is one of the striking features you’ll see in our vehicles. Not many service providers give this amenity.

Covers many cities of New York State

Our services cover several cities of the State such as



are few other places of the state that you can visit.

Prominent Locations of New York

No doubt, New York City is the most significant place in the entire state. Yet, it must be highlighted that the state has many other locations that are of interest to tourists like Niagara Falls, Catskill Mountains and Hamptons, among many others. Our charter buses ensure that your group is going to visit all the important landmarks of the state that you want; you won’t be unhappy.

RVP Charter Buses for Wedding

Several matters have to be addressed for a wedding event, with not the least among them being the aspect of transportation. And, RVP is here for you, to address this crucial issue of conveyance. Picking up your guests from the hotel and dropping them at the venue becomes an easy task, with our dependable charter buses.

In the same way, things such as latest music systems there in our buses just go on to enhance the joy of the happy occasion. Also, you can have a slideshow of your memorable photos on the sophisticated TV sets seen in all our buses. Subject to the laws of the place, consumption of alcoholic beverages could be permissible while travelling in the bus, as well.

All that is required of you is to submit your detailed schedule to us, at the time of booking. We promise you that the charter bus will cover all the places you have specified. It’s going to be a very fulfilling experience for you and your guests!

You are free to stay focused on other important issues of the happy event, for we are here to take care of transportation leaving no margin for error.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

If you are going to host a bachelor/bachelorette party and are on search for a trusted transportation service, you don’t have to look beyond RVP Tours. It’s a commitment from us that the party shall be a memorable one. We assure you that there will be no scope for any problems, with regard to our charter bus service.

If your party is inclusive of things like rooftop dancing and sporting activities, visiting the related locations would be one of your priorities. Well, RVP buses are going to ensure that none of the places mentioned by you shall be missed! Last but in no way the least, soon after you are through with the celebrations, the charter bus will safely drop you back home.

Campus Tours and Field Trips

Depending on a regular school bus, for field trips, is now a passé. The alterative for that is to opt for the top class charter buses from the RVP fleet, equipped with all latest amenities. The comfortable journey that the students will have in our bus is going to make them more receptive to new things learnt in field trips.

If it is the question of a campus trip of students from high school, you then are entailed to cover more landmarks in the state. Travelling in RVP buses, the students are enabled to visit leading universities of New York. Apart from that, we will drive you to any other academic institutions of your choice, too.

Buses for School Events

Are you part of a school that requires top quality transport service for a school event? If yes, then the best course of action for you is to contact RVP tours, losing no time. RVP’s guarantee not just stops at providing an excellent charter bus. The company also makes sure that the vehicle is in control of an expert driver having a proven track record of safe driving.

Whether you need a shuttle bus only for one day or charter bus for a trip of few days, we have the right vehicles.

Corporate Events

Organizing a corporate event in the state of New York devoid of a proper plan for transportation is unimaginable. Participants are going to have a tough time in reaching the venue on time, for the public transport system is not always reliable. This won’t be a worrisome matter anymore, as RVP Tours has charter buses ideal to be used for corporate events.

Along with other facilities, the buses of RVP have power outlets, Wi-Fi, too. Therefore, even during your journey to the venue, you can complete any work related to the event in a hassle-free manner. RVP is fully aware that the element of punctuality is highly vital in corporate events. Trust us! The timings that you have mentioned will meticulously be adhered to!

Minibuses for Travel Between Airport and Hotel

If what you seek is a minibus for travel between airport and the hotel, then our minibuses denote as being the best option for you. The buses of RVP cover all the major airports of the state such as Newark, JFK and LaGuardia, etc.

Our buses, which are driven by expert drivers, make the aspect of transport an uncomplicated one. You can just forget about rideshare services, public transport, etc. Please note that the bus hired by you travels only as per your schedule.

Buses for Sports Events

When the matter on hand is to decide about the best means of transport for arriving at a venue of a sporting event, you don’t need to think a lot. For, the solution is just in front of you in the form of The RVP charter buses that have been specially designed for sports activities.

The design of the buses is such that everyone related to sports like players and coaches will be appreciative of the convenience seen in our buses. There is plenty of space to keep sporting kit, pads, helmets and shoes, etc. Similarly, you will enjoy travelling in our bus even if you are a sports enthusiast intending to catch the live action along with your like-minded group.

Based upon the exact size of your group, you will get the most appropriate charter bus.

Religious Meets

Many church groups vociferously state that the buses of RVP are what they trust, for religious meets. This is unsurprising! We employ drivers only after carefully checking their background encompassing all angles including safe driving.

It is obvious that the there are quite a number of elderly people in church meets and it’s important that they are driven around safely. We take complete responsibility, in this regard. You can just set aside all your apprehensions and concentrate on the event.

Weekend Sojourn

If you are fed up with the hectic schedule of weekdays, what you need is a weekend sojourn along with your friends/relatives. Here, it’s understandable if you aren’t comfortable with the idea of taking your own vehicle. Driving in the midst of traffic is always strenuous. But, that does not mean that you are compelled to cancel your weekend plans.

You are in no way necessitated to entertain all such thoughts. The charter bus of RVP is ready to drive your group on the much- awaited weekend trip.

Seated in our buses, you can travel to any location of the state. You can go on a sightseeing tour to locations like Rochester, Poughkeepsie, etc. All that you need to do is to give your detailed schedule to us, at the time of booking. The most memorable weekend trip for you is just round the corner.

Our Customers

Many Fortune 500 companies, top academic institutions and NFL teams, to name a few, are our customers. All of them have got only nice things to say about RVP Tours.

Contact RVP Now

Do not delay further in contacting RVP to get the quote, for which you are not going to be charged. Our customer support staff is available 24/7 and they shall suggest the best options for you.

RVP Tours- New York City

It’s simply unimaginable that a person was on a tour of New York State, but didn’t visit the New York City. Yes! You cannot consider your trip of the state to be complete, without touring the magnificent city of New York. Access to trusted transport services is paramount for covering all the landmarks of the city that holds first position in USA, in terms of population.

Despite the fact that the city has a subway and a good cab service, yet; it’s not feasible for you to be reliant on them, for group travel. Then, what is the alternative? There is no need for you to get panicky, in this context, as RVP charter buses are going to address your transport needs.

Irrespective of the size of your group, you would end up with the right bus. Our fleet has charter buses of different seating capacities and, you are free to select the one most suitable for your requirement. All people in your group are going to travel together in the RVP bus and have an enjoyable time.

Tourist Attractions

Travelling in the charter buses, you shall visit the prominent landmarks of the city such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and Empire State Building, etc. And, when it is a field trip for school students, locations like American Folk Art Museum and National Jazz Museum should not be missed.

Likewise, your tour schedule must invariably be inclusive also of the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In addition, if children are a part of your touring party, make it a point to visit the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.

The Sea Breeze Park, Six Flags Great Escape and the Bowery Music Ballroom are also significant sites of the New York City.

Numerous events take place in the city, almost throughout the year. So, we can guide you in such a way that your NYC trip coincides with any event of your choice. New York Comic-Con, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest are few of these events.

Transport for Participation in Pride Celebrations

In the June of every year, there are celebrations of Pride Month throughout the city of New York, for the people of the LGBTQ community. These celebrations are characterized by active participation of local as well as touring members belonging to the community.

So, if you happen to tour the state in the month of June, you are advised not to miss these festivities. And, in this respect, the RVP buses are here to help you out. Travelling in our bus, you will be able to visit all your preferred places of the event (Pride Month).

RVP Charter Buses- Destination Comic-Con

Attending the New York Comic-Con being part of a group and travelling in a bus that is exclusive to your group has its own joy. That is a unique experience! Our charter bus has abundant space to store the entire gear pertaining to the event. Our job does not end with dropping you at the event; our responsibility includes making sure that the bus drives you back to your hotel/home safely.


Any itinerary of New York City Tour mandatorily consists of watching a Broadway show. In fact, it’ll appear rather strange if the tour schedule excludes this show! RVP completely understands the importance of this aspect. Travelling to and returning from Broadway are not at all problematic matters, as our buses are here for the purpose. You only have to think about the show.

Locations of TV Shows and Movies

NYC has many locations that you have seen in popular television shows and movies. It is but obvious that you are interested in visiting these sites and visualize yourselves in place of the movie/TV show characters. Is that that not awesome?

The Tribeca Film Festival

The yearly Tribeca Film Festival is another significant event of the city where, the latest independent films are screened. Also, along with film fans, several famous people of the film industry attend the festival and discuss on many key aspects of the realm (films). Taking part in this event becomes a simplified matter, once you decide to use the RVP charter bus service.

You could belong to the film industry or are just an admirer of movies. No matter what is your profile, you would get the right charter bus to drive you to this event.

Buses- Sporting Events

How is it possible for you to tour the city of New York and not attending any sporting event? We know that you do not want to even think in those lines! Your plans of watching a game at the stadium should not be hindered for want of proper transport.

It is in this connection that RVP comes into picture, as our range comprises of buses that are ideal for the given purpose, as well. There is no lack of space in the vehicles. Therefore you would not be hassled in carrying drinks, snacks and the related equipment, to the venue. Get ready to witness popular sports events like the New York City Marathon.


Many famous churches are among the numerous landmarks of the New York City. Hillsong, Redeemer Presbyterian Church and St. Paul’s Chapel are some of the places of religious significance that you have to visit.

Music Festivals of New York City

New York City is the venue for many popular music festivals such as Governors Ball and SummerStage, to cite a few. Just visualize as to how nice it will be if you visit any music fest travelling in a charter bus and accompanied by your friends. In fact, you can stop to visualize, as this is now going to become a reality.

RVP Tours is here to provide you the ideal vehicle. Leave things like driving, navigating in the traffic to our expert drivers. Your job is only to enjoy the occasion to the utmost!

Visit Ground Zero

When you are in New York, you should not forget to pay your respects to people who perished in terror attacks of September 2001. Our charter bus shall drive you to the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum. Your tour schedule has to consist also of a visit to this important landmark.

You Will Not Miss New York Fashion Week

In case fashion is inclusive in your areas of interest, you have to visit the city when the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is in progress. A major chunk of events associated with this week are open only for those who are invited. Still, many professionals from the avenue of fashion organize workshops and parties for the general public. You can visit any of these venues, travelling in our comfortable buses.

We solemnly give you our word that you will not miss anything related to the Fashion Week, at least not for lack of good transportation.

Buses for Long-Term Needs

Even if you want charter buses for a long-term purpose, you can rely on RVP Tours. Shuttle buses for employees and buses for schools/colleges, among others, come under the purview of services offered by us.

Get in Touch With Us

Now, there is no reason for you to get delayed in picking up your phone and getting in touch with us. Once you do that, it won’t be too long before all your transportation issues get resolved.

Trip of Albany with RVP Tours

The question as to which is the most reliable charter bus service of Albany has only one answer: RVP Tours! Our services are customized as per client specifications. Please contact us anytime to get complete details about our buses. We are available round-the-clock for our esteemed customers. There is no need for you to think in lines of cab service and public transport.

Comfortable Buses

Reclining seats, DVD players, plenty of space to keep your luggage and, televisions are few of the things that you can look forward to in the vehicles of RVP. The Wi-Fi there in the bus shall make sure that you remain connected with your contacts through social media, email, etc.


The RVP buses, which are built as per modern-day standards, will ensure that you visit all the landmark locations of the city. You are going to cover sites like the Empire State Plaza and the Romanesque Albany City Hall, the architecture of which is going to be a feast for your eyes. Similarly, you shall visit the New York State Capitol.

We ensure that New York State Museum and Albany Institute of History and Art, etc, are there in your tour of the city. That museum has many exhibits related to New York State’s history, whereas; the Albany Institute is among the earliest museums of the whole country.

Your group would be driven to the Corning Tower Observation Deck, too. The tower is the tallest skyscraper of the entire New York State and you shall ascend to 42nd floor to reach the observation deck. From here, you get a breathtaking view of Albany. The experience will get permanently etched in your memory.

Speak to Us

The most memorable sightseeing trip of Albany is not that far from you. It’s only the question of how soon you speak to us and give us an opportunity to be of real help to you.

Visit landmarks of Bronx in RVP Charter Buses

There are a total of five boroughs of the New York City, with Bronx being one of them. There are several places in this borough that attract many tourists, each year. Thus, it is no way surprising that you too would prefer to visit all the landmarks of Bronx. We are glad to convey to you that our New York charter bus service is very much there even in this place.

Tourist Attractions

You have numerous places in Bronx that every tourist would like to visit. The Bronx Museum of the Arts is the location where you get to see many works of the contemporary artists of America. Likewise, Edgar Allen Poe’s cottage is one more location where, this legendary writer wrote few of his immortal works, during the concluding years of his life.

The City Island Historical Society is a place that has preserved the history of City Island. Also, you are going to visit the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum where you have exhibitions, programs and events, etc, related to the modern-day life.

If you are a person wanting to unwind amidst natural scenery, then Bronx is the destination for you. You are going to be captivated by the beauty of the New York Botanical Garden, which has trees that have been planted at the time of the American Revolution.

There is the Van Cortlandt Park, which holds the third position, with regard to the biggest parks of the city of New York. The park includes the Van Cortlandt golf course, which is the first public golf course of USA. Likewise, this park has the Van Cortlandt House Museum; too, that is Bronx’s oldest building still in use.

Your group is also going to stop at the picturesque public garden, Wave Hill, from where you get a panoramic view of the Hudson River. If there are kids along with you, it’s advised that you shouldn’t miss the Bronx Zoo housing animals in excess of 5000.


Our bus service at Bronx is not confined only to general sightseeing; we provide vehicles for sporting events, weddings and company events, etc. We, at RVP, are eagerly waiting to hear about your exact travel needs, so that we can give you the best service. You can contact us anytime of the day/night. RVP is never distant from its customers!

RVP Buses - Tour of Brooklyn

Depending on public transportation is the last thing that you want, on your trip to Brooklyn. Relax! Among the various cities of New York State that the RVP buses cover, there is the name of Brooklyn, too.

Our fleet comprises of extensive range of buses, beginning at 18-seaters and going all the way till the vehicle with a seating capacity of 56. As our buses have all the latest amenities, it is going to be an enjoyable tour of Brooklyn for you.

Tourist Sites

There is no dearth for sites that everyone likes to visit, while touring Brooklyn, which is located close to the Hudson River. You are going to be enthralled on your visit to Brooklyn Bridge and Coney Island, which has many beaches, rides, public parks, etc. In the same way, there is the New York Harbor, the biggest natural harbor of the Globe.

The State Island Ferry is going to be a part of your itinerary, too. This is a 5.2-mile ferry route connecting Manhattan and Staten Island. Here, the interesting thing is that people are not charged at all, for this ferry.


If you are a foodie, then Brooklyn has a lot to offer you. As a matter of fact, every zone of the city is popular for a varying delicacy pertaining to a specific country. The preceding two sentences might be making you eager to visit the food joints. Not to worry! The RV buses are going to drive you to every restaurant of your preference.


Plan weddings, corporate events, etc, at Brooklyn, devoid of any doubts, for we are here to serve you in the best possible way. We provide buses for travel to wedding venues like Brooklyn Winery and locations of corporate events such as Brooklyn Expo Center.

If you are interested in sporting events, you are going to proceed to venues like Barclays Center, travelling in the cozy buses of RVP.

Trip of Staten Island- RVP Charter Buses

Staten Island is the borough of the New York City having the lowest population. There is no shortage of eye-catching greenery in Staten Island, not to mention the restaurants serving cuisine of Sri Lanka, museums and the zoo, among others. If you desire to tour the lovely place along with your group, the local transport system cannot be relied upon. It’s here that RVP Tours shall come to your rescue!

Some Tourist Sites

Our buses shall drive you to the Staten Island Zoo, which is the home for more than 1000 species of animals. When there are kids in your group, you compulsorily have to visit the Staten Island Children’s Museum where, children can enjoy the interactive games.

The Richmond Town having historic significance is a location that needs to be in the schedule of a field trip. In this town, you get to see working shops, period homes and fireplace kitchens, to name a few.

Similarly, the Alice Austen House has well over 7000 photographs taken by Alice Austen, who was among the female pioneers from the realm of photography to have worked outdoors.

Our buses will drive you to Crimson Beech and the Staten Island Borough Hall. This borough hall is almost 120 years old and it houses the actual WPA murals. Then there is the earliest military base of the United States, Fort Wadsworth. All these famous landmarks of Staten Island shall be covered in your sightseeing trip.

Breweries and Restaurants

Other than what has been mentioned above, the Staten Island has many popular breweries and restaurants. And, any tourist can’t even think of not visiting these locations. Is it not so?

Services of RVP

Soon as you hire our services, you can think only about having a great time during the upcoming Staten Island tour. The RVP charter buses make sure that you won’t miss any of the aforementioned places. It’s not just that; the buses will safely drive you back to the place of your stay. We operate only as per the schedule and timings of our clients!

RVP Tours- Sightseeing at Long Island

For the purpose of touring Long Island, the only thing that you have to do is to contact the customer support team of RVP Tours and unambiguously communicate your requirement. After that, it will just be a happy trip to Long Island where, you shall cover all the counties.

Tourist Locations

Long Island has plenty to offer to the tourists on a visit to this place. Magnificent mansions, beautiful beaches and wineries of global renown, etc, are just of few of the landmarks.

Journeying in the sophisticated charter bus, your group will halt at Bedell Cellars. This is a historic vineyard that is owned by a family. It is spread across 95 acres and the wine here is made from grapes produced in this region only.

The Long Beach that extends to almost 3 miles is worthy of getting included in your trip schedule. Here, you are going to visit the Clark Street Park, Lindell Park, Skate Park and Long Beach Tennis Center, among others. Barkin House, Cobble Villa and Samuel Vaisberg House are few more tourist sites of the place.

Your trip of Long Island would remain incomplete if you don’t visit the famous lighthouses. Here, you have the Montauk Point Lighthouse, which is the first one of the New York State. Likewise, the fun rides of the Adventureland Amusement Park are appealing to folks of every age-group. This amusement park more than 30 rides that won’t fail to give fun-filled time to all of you.

Some more attractions of Long Island are: The Long Island Aquarium, which is a venue for numerous events, exhibits and educational shows. The charter bus shall drive you also to the Heckscher Museum of Art, Sands Point Preserve and Sag Harbor Whaling Museum.

Interact with RVP Tours

Please lose no time in interacting with our customer support people, who are always accessible to our valued customers. Do you want to call us in midnight or early in the morning? No problem! Whatever is the time, we never fail to give appropriate guidance to you!

RVP Charter Buses at White Plains

White Plains, which is situated in the Westchester County, is the commercial hub of the entire county. The city has many interesting locations for people who have come from other places, on a sightseeing tour. But, your group can have an unimpeded tour of White Plains, only if you choose the services of a trusted transporter. And, in this connection, RVP is second to none in the market!

Tourist Sites

There are several sites that are historically significant, in White Plains. It is RVP’s reassurance to you that our charter buses would drive you to all the destinations. There is the Jacob Purdy House, which was the headquarters of George Washington for some period of time during his tenure.

White Plains has a farmhouse, ElijahMiller House that George Washington used when the American Revolution was in progress. Similarly, the Percy Grainger Home and Studio is a dwelling of historic value that has been designed in the American Foursquare pattern.

Talk to Us

Immediately call us and convey your specifications. RVP Tours will guide you appropriately. Your trip of White Plains will be a one that you shall cherish for a very long time, courtesy the charter buses of RVP.

RVP Bus Services - Tour of Queens

Regardless of your preferences, you’ll never be disappointed on touring Queens. This is a place that offers something to every tourist! But the issue here is that; just like many other places, public transport of Queens is not up to the mark, as well. But, that should not spoil your plans. Well, count upon the ever- dependable RVP charter buses. A joyous trip of Queens is in the offing for you!

Queens- Attractions

You have numerous museums and sporting events in Queens, apart from restaurants that are renowned throughout the World. If you intend to watch the game that is in progress at Citi Field, RVP is here to provide to and fro conveyance. There also is going to be a stopover at the topmost institute of arts in the whole of the United States, MoMa PS1.

The bus is going to halt at New York Hall of Science, too, where you get to see that some structures of the World’s Fair of 1964 are still intact.

A mention now needs to be made of Steakhouse, M.Wells, MP Taverna and Trattoria L’Incontro. Well, those are the names of the most popular restaurants of Queens where, you can relish numerous delicacies.

Free Quote from RVP

Get in touch with RVP Tours as soon as possible and, we shall give you a quote for which there is no charge. That’ll help you to quickly finalize your tour itinerary. Additionally, whatever is your group’s size, you will not fail to find the appropriate bus!

RVP Tours Services in Rochester

There can’t be a better way of touring Rochester than choosing to travel in the RVP buses. In our buses, you are surrounded by things like DVD players, flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi and spacious luggage bays. Just imagine how wonderful that would be!

Tourist Landmarks

Rochester has the famous Highland Park, where there are different kinds of flowers and plants that are from diverse zones of the Globe. The park consists of many gardens, memorials, softball field and ice skating rink. Similarly, irrespective of your age, a visit to the National Museum of Play would give you many happy memories. The museum has numerous exhibits pertaining to play and which explain about the significance of play to grown-ups as well as kids.

Senaca Park Zoo is the home for more than 90 varied species of terrestrial and aquatic animals. Sea lions, polar bears, snowy owls and Penguins of Africa are the major attractions of the zoo. Your group is not going to miss the Eastman Museum; too, that educates people on the significance and history of photography and films.

RVP for you

You might either be seeking a minibus of a seating capacity of 18 or, a full-fledged charter bus accommodating 56 passengers. So, whatever is the exact vehicle type you are looking at, we have the answer at RVP. The question now is how soon you call RVP and give us an opportunity to serve you.

RVP Charter Buses at Syracuse

In Syracuse, there are plenty of sightseeing locations and several activities that you might be interested in. In this respect, it’s indispensable that your group has access to exceptional transport service, which is what you can expect from RVP Tours. You only need to relax on the reclining seats of our charter buses and have a satisfying trip of Syracuse. Things like driving, navigating in traffic, etc, will be handled by our expert drivers.

Landmarks for Tourists

The buildings of the Syracuse University have the architecture of the 1970s and visiting them will be a visual spectacle for you. Thorden Park, the Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology and Everson Museum of Art are few names that are there in your schedule.

The Red House Arts Center and Erie Canal Museum also deserve to find a place in your group’s schedule. And, if you are an admirer of Shakespeare’s works, you are advised to attend the Syracuse Shakespeare Festival. If there are children in your touring party, they will have a fun-filled time at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo spanning across 43 acres.

Syracuse is the city where the Great New York State Fair takes place. Just make a mention of the fair in your schedule and the RVP bus shall take you there. Make it a point to step into Little Italy where, you get genuine food of Italy.

Professional/Family Events

There are many venues at Syracuse for both professional and family events. So, if you have any corresponding plans, you can go ahead devoid of any misgivings. Needless to say, even here; the charter buses of RVP are there to meet the transport requirements.

Book your Bus

The ball is now in your court! Pick your phone, dial our number and start the process of booking, which we complete in no time.

Yonkers visit - Charter Buses of RVP

Can you even think of not touring the fourth biggest city of the New York State? Well, here reference is being made to Yonkers, where there are plenty of locations that attract tourists. Let us now have a glimpse of few of these landmarks.

Landmark Sites

You will simply love to visit the Hudson River Museum, Untermeyer Park and the Yonkers Raceway. Several concerts and live performances keep taking place at the Untermeyer Park, regularly, while the Yonkers Raceway is the number one racing track of the entire state. If you are into skating/roller skating, the Murray Skating Ice and Roller Skating Rink is going to be the perfect destination for you.

Also, the biker trails of the Sprain Ridge Park and the interactive adventures of LEGOLAND Discovery Center will become the source of joy for your group, too. It has to be emphasized that the Sprain Ridge Park has trails for both amateurs and experienced bikers.

Apart from what has been mentioned above, there are many other places in Yonkers. Depending on a personal vehicle, for this purpose, is not practical! Opting for a trustworthy charter bus service is the sole way in which you can have a complete tour of the city.

RVP Tours - Services

The charter buses of RVP resolve the things for you. Our services, which are not at all onerous on your budget, guarantee you a fulfilling trip of Yonkers. Contact us to get a free quote within couple of hours. We will aptly guide you in such a way that your visit to the place would become an unforgettable for you!

RVP Buses for Sightseeing at New Rochelle

Access to top- class transport service is paramount, for your tour of New Rochelle. Who can provide such flawless service to your group? There is no need for you to bother about that question, as the answer for that is RVP Tours. Our sophisticated charter buses come in varied seating capacities and you can opt for the one ideal for your group.

Tourist Sites

Travelling in our buses, you are going to visit Hour to Exit, the ideal place for fans of escape games. Here, you can get engrossed in an actual escape game. The Hour to Exit serves as a venue also for celebrations like bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversaries, etc.

Next, you have the Port Sailing School where a sailing course of three days is offered to beginners. Upon completion of the course, people can rent the boats to sail around specified locations. Other than that, the sailing school offers many advanced certification sailing courses, too. We then come to the Glen Island Park where there are beautiful pathways, a lovely beach and many picnic spots.

It is a firm commitment from RVP Tours that you shall not leave New Rochelle without covering all the landmarks of the city.

RVP Services- Plus Points

The fleet of RVP is constituted of the best charter buses of the entire transport services industry. These vehicles include all the latest amenities that invariably have to be present in every modern-day charter bus. Our customer support personnel are incessantly available for you! Just convey your specifications and we will do the needful promptly.

RVP Tours at Poughkeepsie

Among the various cities of the state (New York) where there is access to RVP charter bus services, you also have Poughkeepsie. Other than general sightseeing, we provide charter buses for weddings, corporate events and field trips, to name a few. Along with things like televisions and music systems, the RVP buses include Wi-Fi, as well, making sure that you are never away from work/social interactions.

Tourist Attractions

Upon reaching Poughkeepsie, we make it a point that you are driven to the Mid Hudson Heritage Center. Your next halt is going to be at Art Centro where, there are private art studios, ceramic classes and gallery, among others. Art Centro, apart from facilitating display of art works, also strives to teach art to aspirants.

The Dutchess County Courthouse is a building of four floors built in the classical revival style. This structure got included among the list of historic places, nearly four decades back.

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The Van Hool charter bus is a safe, reliable coach for group travel. Inside, you’ll find a spacious cabin with plush seating and modern amenities. You can store your luggage and equipment in the compartments below the bus to keep them safe during your trip...
As a luxury charter bus with a history of reliability, this coach is perfect for long-distance travels. It carries up to 56-57 passengers and includes luggage compartments below the bus for personal belongings. Each bus rental...
With a history of quality and luxury, these MCI coaches are perfect for groups going on long-distance trips. Its cabin is spacious and allows for up to 55 passengers on board, and you can safely store your luggage in the compartments below...
Groups who rent the 35-passenger motor coach will enjoy the luxury amenities of a charter bus with the intimate feel of a minibus. Instead of coordinating carpool rides or public transportation, you can focus on spending quality time together as a group...
Is your group too large for a van but too small for a standard charter bus? The 30-passenger minibus is the perfect choice for your upcoming trip. Trust RVP Charters to pair you with a bus that safely and comfortably transports you to your destination...
The 28-passenger minibus will comfortably transport your group to events, group outings, parties, and more. With a luxury bus and professional driver at your service, you won’t have to coordinate the logistics of carpooling or public transportation...
Choose the 24-passenger minibus for your upcoming event for luxury interiors and panoramic views of your city. This model is perfect for event shuttles, private tours, parties, and more. Your group will ride safely and comfortably when you partner...
The 20-passenger minibus works well for small groups hitting the town. This vehicle has a slightly higher capacity than its 18-passenger counterpart, but provides the same mobility and convenience. No matter where you’re going, keep your group...
The 25 passenger minibus is the largest minibus available. This bus is the perfect solution for groups too large for an Uber, yet too small for a charter bus. If you have fairly large group looking to get to an event, show, party, or gathering...
This mci is a must for the slightly smaller group, it holds 47-49 passengers , and has a bathroom, pa, stereo, with dvd, cd, ac, and much more , just a amazing coach for those who dont need the larger coaches but still want the comfort...
Plasma TVs, Walk Up Bar, Playstation 2, DVD, Marble Floors, Storage for Endless baggage underneath, Passenger Capacity is 35,45 or 55, Overhead Storage, Fiber Optic Lighting, Restroom...
Our custom van service is great for all kinds of parties. Instead of renting a whole bus you can save money and travel in style inside our custom van. We specialize in corporate transportation and have years of experience providing professional limousine service...
Pink Custom Interior, Custom Pink Wheels, 3,000 Watt Level 3 Sound System with CD Player, Stainless Steel Ceiling, Barbie Dolls Encased in the Interior, Fiber Optic Lighting, Barbie Disco Floor...
Make your travel comfortable with the ultra-luxury Rolls Phantom Sedan offered by globallimos.com. This sedan offers maximum travel convenience in the most pleasant way. It has many features and amenities that can ensure superior travel comfort...
Room to stand, Dance/safety pole, limo seating, Bar, Blue and mood lights, Two large flat screen tvs, DVD, Ipod plug in, Large cooler, Fiber optic lighting...
Hummer Stretched Limousine Service. RVP Transportation provides professional limo service and has the largest fleet of hot new custom stretched hummer limos in NY, NJ, PA, CT and South Florida...
We are a ELITE limo company with an excellent reputation for providing premier Town Car and COACH BUS service to clients in NYC ,PA,CT,NJ,AND SOUTH FLORIDA Our experienced professional staff is completely committed to ensuring that you fully enjoy...