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On average the US population spends two hours per day on the road. Vehicle advertising generates up to 70,000 impressions on day/vehicle. Mobile advertising costs only a fraction of TV, Radio, Print or conventional billboards. There is no job too big or complex for RVP Transportation, Inc, its estimated that over a half million cars travel between the tristate area on a dialy basis, which means that a wraped vehicle if driven 200 miles on a day can be seen by nearly 100,000 vehicles.

Thanks to the introduction, marketing and advertising agencies, including charter bus rental companies, now have a better avenue to advertise or brand their products and services.

We at RVP Transportation have now been assisting in bus wraps and marketing for 7 years now and are now one of the most technologically advanced wrap companies anywhere..

The method remains pretty much the same, but the technology most definitely have not. It has changed to make the vinyl extremely lasting, the colors more vibrant and yet not tough enough to hinder vision and emergency exits on the bus.

Traditionally, the bus wrapping vinyl is placed along the side panel of the bus. With additional space in the back of the bus, bus wrap was soon also placed on the back of the bus. As soon as authorities approved it, people began placing the ad on the front of the bus too. But it is to be noted that authorities are strict about hindering emergency. For instance, in moments of emergency when passengers need to alight the vehicle through the window, the bus wrap vinyl should not hinder efforts to break the window if the advertisement covers the entire body of the bus.
thanks to bus wrapping technology, removing the bus advertisement is now a complete breeze.

What is even better was the introduction of perforated transparent vinyl sheets which made application and removal very quick and on top of that, it gives designers more room for creativity. Applying the advertisement on the front of the bus is usually considered unsafe and discouraged. However, most bus wrapping advertisers make full use of the body of the bus in a creative and fun way without obstructing the view of passengers.

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Turn Your Bus Wrap Advertisement Into quick cash

Jan 10, 2011 – If you’ve not heard about QR Codes and the explosion of mobile advertising, let us be the first to let you in on this fantastically magical way of marketing. QR Codes are basically similar to the conventional barcodes that we are using now. The only difference with QR Codes is that the codes, with the help of a free QR Code reader, can be decoded with a smart phone. Yes, that means the need to have a special scanner (like the ones that they have at the checkout counter) has been effectively eliminated.

Sources say that there is a rapid increase in the number of smart phone users too – iPhone, Blackberry and android phones. In the world that we live in today, information is often sought and consumers today are smart yet impatient about the info that they want. Hence, the increased use of QR Codes.

Bus wrapping is the conventional way of mobile advertising but what if you could spread the message via a bus wrap advertisement and then let on-the-go customers have a piece of the information so that they can save it on their phones? Would that help with your marketing campaign? Wouldn’t it be better if the consumers did NOT have to memorize your web or blog URL, instead all they have to do is to load the QR code reader on their phones, scan the page and then bookmark it?

So, just imagine that your potential customer is in his or her car, stuck at a traffic light. While waiting for the lights to turn green, he or she is looking around, bored, and your advertisement on a bus is noticed and there is a QR Code printed along with the bus wrap advertisement. If the consumer had a smart phone with him or her, chances are the QR code will be scanned.

And all the consumer needs to do when they are already resting comfortably at home, is to load up the scanned QR code and access your promotional web page. So, instead of printing a web URL (which you will probably have to do at the moment) which the consumers might forget by the time they reach their intended destination, you are giving them the perfect tool to remember your ad!

Billboards work fine too but they do not reach as many people or create the same kind of impression as a bus wrap advertisement with a QR Code on it. At the point of this article, the technology is new; hence, people are curious, unlike a billboard which most people are so used to it that they unconsciously miss it. And because a bus wrap advertisement is at eye-level (most of the time), bored consumers notice it faster and remember it better.

If you wish to look into placing a bus wrapping ad on one of our buses, please give us a call or send us an email and we will revert with a quote as soon as we can.

Bus Wrap Advertising vs. Billboards

All thanks to technology, bus wrap advertising has done from dull to interesting to absolutely exhilarating! New developments has led to new types of vinyls or decals in the market which feature more air channels, stronger (but not harmful) adhesive and retains vibrant colors for longer periods of time.

Before there were decals, paint was used. It made removing and applying the ads tedious. Hence, it wasn’t as popular; on top of that, a total paint job was more expensive. With decals, we can easily apply the ads to chosen moving vehicles, including charter buses, limousines, smaller cars, vans, rail, taxis, etc. So long as the vehicle has smooth surfaces whereby the decals can stick on to, it should work perfectly fine. And besides, bus wrap decals can be moved from one bus to another without compromising the quality of the printing and the decal itself.

What you may not know about a complete bus wrap (one that wraps the entire bus, including the windows of the passengers) is that perforated decals are used. This means that although the people on the outside can’t see what is inside, passengers still get to enjoy the view.

Bus wrapping is now a norm, although painted-on advertisements still exists today. However, the wisdom in choosing paint over decals might surface, especially when decals have the slip-on-slip-off ease of use.

For those who are uncertain about the effectiveness of bus wrap advertising, here is a little fact for you to digest. In a study done by an outdoor advertising magazine, it was found that a whopping ninety-six percent of those who responded said that it was in their opinion that mobile advertisements are far more effective than traditional billboards. American Trucking Association(s) in the country also said that more people noticed their advertisements when it was found on trucks and moving vans.

If there is any more doubt to be found about bus wrapping services, it should be dispelled with the fact that eighty percent of people interviewed in a study said that not only did they noticed the advertisement, they actually remembered the brand that was being advertised!

Hence, with such strong evidence supporting the use of bus wrapping advertising, we think that it is easily concluded that bus wrap advertising wins billboards and traditional outdoor advertising by quite a fair bit, wouldn’t you say?

so when it comes to the best form of mobile advertising and bus or vehicles wrap, call RVP today.